855 Brannan Street Yoga Studio
Style: Power Yoga + Wine Happy Hour

Mondays: 07:00am Monday Circuit
Thursdays: 06:30pm-08:30pm
Price: $25 (venmo to mindbodylove)
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MOXIE YOGA & FITNESS (20th Street location)
Style: Moxie Method, Power Yoga

Mondays: 05:00pm, 06:15pm, Moxie Method
Wednesdays: 05:00pm, 06:15pm, Moxie Method
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The Battery SF (members only)
Style: Yoga Burn, Yoga
Mondays 07:00am, Yoga Burn
Wednesdays: 07:00am, Yoga Burn
Alternate Saturdays 10:00am
About the Battery!

I’ve trained with many others in various cities – San Francisco, Denver, Boston, and New York – and I can say that Sara is the absolute best trainer I have ever worked with, period. - Cindy, Advertising Executive