I Moved to Sunny San Diego!

img00196-20100104-1230 Would anyone in NYC be offended if I tell you that I'm cold? :) In a city that usually holds temperatures in the 70s year-round, I'm feeling just a bit cold in the 50- and 60-degree lows we are seeing in SSD (Sunny San Diego).

After five and a half years of living and loving NYC, I made the move to San Diego to obtain an EMBA in Global Entrepreneurship from San Diego State. Sadly to say, the program has been since canceled...thanks to three people who dropped out last minute. Instead of spending a year abroad in Abu Dhabi, India and Hong Kong, learning all about international business, working out and eating in other climates and cultures, I'm "stuck" in San Diego. I know life works in mysterious ways, so I don't blame anyone, but I was quite bummed that I quit my job, moved across the country and am now jobless. No biggie...there's always Burger King. Just a joke.

With the move, I faced a great challenge facing my world. How do I leave the love of my life? Boyfriend? No...Equinox. This gym has been a long standing part of my life and saying goodbye was bittersweet. Unemployed and heartbroken, I learned that my only inexpensive option was 24 Hour Fitness. After all the luxuries found at Equinox, this whole "bring your own towel," "clean your machine after you workout" and "bring your own kettlebells" concept puts the fear in me, but I know I can make it through. I was a member of 24 Hour for about 10 years prior to moving to NYC, so I think the transition will be somewhat okay.

And...a  year membership only put me out $200, so I just keep reminding myself that Equinox cost me $142 PER MONTH. With the "extra" cash, I plan to utilize the personal trainers and have started out with 3 sessions for just $99. Wish me luck!