Blueprint Cleanse: Day 1, Foundation

blueprintcleanse_logoI learned of Blueprint Cleanse through the recommendation of Fathalie, one of my best friends, who has done two cleanses with her boyfriend (he has done many). I usually eat fairly healthy, but I just wanted to give my body a little break from all the food and drink I consume on a daily basis. I don't think a cleanse should be a time to lose weight, but more of a time to rest your immune system and clear out the toxins. There are three choices of cleanses , so I picked the middle cleanse as my first time, since I wasn't really eating badly to begin with. As an addition to the cleanse, many people do colonics, but I don't think I'm ready for that. :) BPC says that the possible benefits of the cleanse are the following:

- Boosted immune system - Alleviates allergies - Improved thyroid dysfunction - Rests the digestive organs - Physical rejuvenation - Normalized weight - Normalized blood pressure - Reverses signs of aging - Elevates mood and sex drive - Alleviates symptoms of PMS - Promotes clear skin - Increases energy - Increases fertility - Combats viruses - Aids Fibromyalgia issues - Saves money you would have otherwise spent on “that new antibiotic"



1. Green Juice 2. Pineapple, Apple, Mint (my favorite!) 3. Green Juice 4. Spicy lemonade 5. Green Juice 6. Cashew Nut Milk

Each juice is numbered in the order that you should consume them to digest the veggies/fruits properly. The idea is to drink one juice every two hours and leave about an hour in between juices, during which time you can drink herbal or green tea. Today I felt pretty good other than feeling cold and a little fatigued. I still had some energy and was able to accomplish tasks at work and my mind was clear. I went to they gym this morning, but for tomorrow and Saturday, I plan to take it easy and rest my muscles.

Wish me luck and please don't talk about food...especially cheese!