Kale Salad w/ Garlic Salmon

Sometimes I just want to eat a really clean salad, so I went with salmon and kale (because that's what I ordered from Fresh Direct). This salad just needed olive oil, lemon, sea salt and pepper...and it was amazing! 


Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2

8-10oz piece of organic, non-farmed salmon
1 T olive oil (salmon)
2 cloves of garlic, diced (salmon)
1/2 t sea salt (salmon)
1/2 t ground black pepper (salmon)
1 lemon wedge, cut in half (half for salmon)
4 stalks of kale washed - rip into bite-size pieces from the stalk
6 mushrooms, sliced how you like
1 1/2 T sliced or chopped red onion
1/2 lemon (dressing)
1 T olive oil (dressing)
Himalayan sea salt, to taste
Ground black pepper, to taste

Prepping & Cooking: Preheat oven to 420 degrees. Prep a cookie sheet with foil and spray some olive oil on top. Rinse the salmon and pat dry. Place the salmon on the foil and top with juice of one section of the lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. When the oven is ready, place the fish inside and set the timer for 15 minutes (oven temps vary).

While the salmon is cooking, put the kale in a bowl and kneed the olive oil into the greens. Let it sit there. Dice the onions and mushrooms and mix in the bowl with the kale. Drizzle with fresh lemon and sea salt and pepper. After the salmon has spent about 15 minutes in the oven, place it on top of the salad and squeeze more lemon on top and add salt and pepper to taste.